the adventures of i

this piece is a narrative cyberpoem which i first began working on in 1995 for my cyberpoetry cd-rom.
that version, called "reality is a construct" was created in logo-motion in 3D and ran for seven minutes.
this version, because of different connection speeds, different browsers, different hosts, etc., has to be restricted to animated gifs and whatever comes packaged with netscape 3.
it is my intention to post five new webisodes of this poetic cybersoapie each week, keeping it moving in a fairly linear way into the future.
it is also my wish for participation and collaboration with others on the internet who wish to add tangential journeys from my linear narrative.(submission guidelines)
the linear story of i that i will maintain is only one possible path for i, there is opportunity for diversion right from the very second webisode.
so please contribute(all contributions will be acknowledged).
eventually i hope a story will evolve which is purely told by words moving in time and space, their colour, weight, action and speed adding to the narrative.


first webisode
second webisode
third webisode
fourth webisode**webisode 4b by roberto gilli
fifth webisode
sixth webisode
seventh webisode
eigth webisode
ninth webisode
tenth webisode
11th webisode**11b webisodeby janan
12th webisode
13th webisode
14th webisode
15th webisode
16th webisode
17th webisode
18th webisode


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