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From: Roberto Gilli To: "'komino servos'" Subject: i soap contribution from robertoDate: Wed, 17 Jun 1998 20:57:15 +-200MIME-Version: 1.0dear kominosi am not have a homepage becouse i am too much lazy so i attached the two files on the email.please let me know what you think and feel absolutely free to change the html file (i just took one of your pages) in order, if you consider that it is good enought, to insert it in your "i story". i think that it is better that you make the structuring so i don't give you any indication of where put the gif. i suggest you to mantein the background color (R153, G153, B204) becouse the gif is not transparent.i made the gif using MacromediaFlash exporting the movie in "animated gif format".ciaoroberto