i found the home page of george landow, whose book, 'hyper text theory' i had purchased recently.
i wasn't really looking for him but his site at brown university is really something.
i did have to laugh at a really official looking photo in black and white, and then a nice soft colour photo on his family page, the difference gave me an idea for an animation.


look up in the sky
it's a bird! it's a plane!
no it's hypertextman!
strange visitor from the future with powers and abilities far beyond those of normal academics.
who can change the course of literary history,
bend theory in his bare hands.
faster than an optical cable connection,
more powerful than a pentium chip,
able to leep broad concepts in a single bound.
and who disguised as george landow,
mild mannered professor at a great american university,
fights a never ending battle against closure,
and the modernist way.