monday, 1/7/96

today i experimented a little with movieplayer and moviestar and premiere.
made movies

from i made in movieplayer and in moviestar. i also made from, directly into moviemaker. none of them are very satisfactory. i noticed that moviestar has a compression selection similar to premiere so i tried making the original logomotion animation into various compressed versions.

this is the dimocopo animation compressed with video in moviestar maker.hit me!this is the dimocopo animation compressed with animation(16 colour) in moviestar maker.hit me some more!
i believe the video compression with moviestar is the best so far comparing favourably with the animated gif which is 91k, and close in quality to the original which was 250k, a considerable saving of loading time.
the quicktime internet maker could be useful in converting qt movies for use on the net, but to prove this i will have to try all the compression choices in premiere first. i quickly remade the dimocopo logomotion animation in premiere using video, least compression at 5fps and got a 44k file which i then processed through quicktime internet tool. it gave even better results than the moviestar clips.look, look!