literary qualifications

Literary Qualifications:

A: Books Published and Works Performed:

i/ Books Published.
*The Komninos Manifesto: Fat Possum Press, 1985[reprinted 1986,1987]
*The Second Komninos Manifesto: Koala Munga Press, 1986[reprinted 1988]
*The Last Komninos Manifesto: Koala Munga Press, 1987.
*Wordsports: Koala Munga Press, 1989.
*High Street, Kew East: Collins/A&R, 1990,[children's picture book]
*Komninos: University of Queensland Press, 1991.[poetry collection]
*The Baby Rap and other poems: Oxford University Press, 1992.[children's illustrated poetry collection]
*The Venus of Marrickville: Koala Munga Press, 1993.
*Komninos by the Kupful: University of Queensland Press, 1995.[poetry collection]

ii/ Works Performed.
*Mixing It Up, 1986, Adelaide Festival Fringe, Cathedral Hotel, One Week Season.
*Sophisticated Souvlaki, 1986, The Studio, Victorian Arts Centre, Two Week Season.
*Double Cross, 1987, XXTheatre, North Melbourne, One Week Season.
*Blood On The Butter,July/August 1991, Rock and Roll Circus, Paint Factory, Brisbane, Four Week Season.
*Rap It Up, 1991, Death Defying Theatre, Ten Week Season touring schools in N.S.W.
*Rap It Up, 1992, Death Defying Theatre, Fifteen Week Season touring schools in N.S.W..
*The Venus of Marrickville, 1993, various performances.
Hobart, Backspace Theatre, one night.
Melbourne, Courthouse Theatre, one night.
Canberra, National Folk Festival, one performance.
Marrickville High School, one perf..
Sydney, i/ Oxford Tavern, one perf..
ii/ Harbourside Brasserie, two performances.
iii/ Marrickville High School, one perf..
iv/ Stables Theatre, two week season.
v/ Kinsela's, Taylor Square Arts Festival, one perf..
vi/ Sandringham hotel, Newtown Arts Festival.
vii/ Richmond School of Arts, one perf..
*Eye of the Law,1994, Death Defying Theatre, Ten week season touring schools in N.S.W., and two weeks at the Performance Space, Redfern.
*Darling, You're Soaking In It!, 1994, BEMAC, QLD., one night.

cyberpoetry performances(dialogues with video projection of computer generated text animations)

*Pseudo, 1995, Princess Theatre, two nights.
*Shock of the New, 1995, La Boite, Qld, two nights.
*Festival Of Sydney, January, 1996,Writers Week, Performance and Panel.
*Lexotek, March1996, Art Gallery of Qld., two week installation.
*Glenti Festival, June1996, Darwin, 15,000 people Outdoor Concert.
*QUT, May 1996, Research Seminar presentation/performance.
*Carnivale, September,1996, Darling Harbour outdoor concert(2000people)
*Community Cultural Development and Multimedia Symposium, September 1996
*NSW Adult Literacy and Numeracy Council, October 1996, Newcastle, Performance
and seminar.
*Livid Festival, October 1996, Brisbane, Outdoor performance to 1000's of young

iii/ Audio Publications.
My Friends, 7 inch e.p. Recording of Poems, 1989.
Komninos, 30 minute tape, University of Queensland Press, 1991.

iv/ Electronic Publications.
CYBERPOETRY, CD-ROM, Self-published, 1995.

v/ Internet Publication.
Komninos's Cyberpoetry Site,