and now for some animated text poems: gif animations which load as you watch: so no download hassles!!!!

sunset, 36K

waves, 38K

guns, 24K

catch, 26K

poetry, 18K

frenzy, 29K

chase, 78K

bounce, 82K

cow, 89K

super hypertextman, 22k

this is a post structuralist text, 127k

vacant, 0k

easter, 66k

chair, 50k

i had sex, 61k

neon, 66k

roller coaster, 12k

ferris wheel, 12k

she left, 23k

whirrled peas, 12k

communication, 84k

dogs, 84k

doggie, 12k

sorry for the spam, 12k

1997, 23k

bananas, 12k

kidzstory, 84k

marriage, 13k


gif animations?