works published in literary journals

B: Works Published in Literary Journals

i/ Literary Magazines.

Big Bang 1&2, Melb., 1984.
Power & Desire, Melb., 1986.
Overland, No.102, 1986.
Kangaroo, U.N.E., 1987.
Writing On The Wall, Qld., 1988.
Honi Soit, Uni. of Sydney, 1989.
Artforce, No.70, 1990.
The Queensland Writer, 1991.
The Bulletin, 1991.
Southerly, Poetry, No.3, 1992.
Idiom 23, 1992.

ii/ Anthologies.
Old Friends/New Faces, 12 inch l.p., Talunga Records, 1984.
Soft Lounges, Fringe Arts Network, Melbourne, 1984.
Friendly Street Reader No.10, Adel., 1986.
Writer's In The Park-The Book, 1987.
Provincial Pub Poets, Melb., 1988.
Provincial Pub Poets, Melb., 1989.
Greek Voices In Australia, Dr.G.Kanarakis, 1988.
La Mama Poetica, M.U.P., 1989.
Homeland, Allen and Unwin, 1991.
Poets Union, Sydney, 1993.
A Readers Guide To Contempoary Australian Poetry, G. Page, UQP, 1995.

iii/ Works quoted in other Publications.
Old Worlds and New Australia, Wilton and Bosworth, Penguin, 1984.
Conformity and the Indiuvidual, NSW D.of Ed.Learning Materials, 1991.
The Reading and Writing Roadshow, Open Training Educ Network, 1992. - plus reprint.
English Power Book 3, Jacaranda Wiley, 1992 - reprint 1993.
English Power Book 4, Jacaranda Wiley, 1993.
The Search for Meaning, ABC, 1994.
Poetry Book 5, Brisbane Grammar School, 1994.
Discovering Australian History, Guest and Eshys, Macmillan Educ, 1995.
Communicating with Asia: Understanding People and Customs, H.Irwin, Allen and Unwin, 1995.