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tuesday, 16/4/96.

met rod at 10.30 to discuss the residency.

we identified the areas of research/study/work i would be involved in during
 this time.
we discussed administrational details, pay, tax, office, photocopying, etc. and
 filled out all necessary forms.

we arranged for a talk with the academy promotions unit the following day.

i met the office staff and the head of the academy peter lavery.

i made an appointment with keith armstrong, the computer technician of the 
academy for noon wednesday to discuss access to computers, more info on 
mandala program and other performance related issues.

the proposed program of activities for the residency.

 week 1(16/4) :  orientation week, meet and speak with relevant people in each
 department of the academy, dance, music, visual arts, drama, creative writing
 and multimedia design.

17/4/96 :  brief the promotions unit on my residency and me.

18/4/96 :  attend "hybrid arts: the debate hots up" - academy seminar, 4 - 6
 p.m. followed by a meeting of the post-graduate students of the academy.

 week 2(22/4) 

24/4/96 :  attended anat national briefing on future role of anat.

 week 3(29/4): 
29/4/96 :  speak to communication design students about my cd-rom.

30/4/96 :  speak to music students about sound in multimedia.

 week 4( 6/5)

 week 5(13/5) 
16/5/96 :  present "cyberpoetry": performance and talk to academy research seminar, 4 - 6p.m..
 week 6(20/5)
 week 7(27/5)
 week 8( 3/6) :  darwin for glenti festival, away all week.
 week 9(10/6) :  performance of piece produced for residency with possible
 internet links to other countries.
 week 10(17/6) :  
 week 11(24/6) :  completion of residency, reports, performance projects, 
internet projects and other community projects.
 week 12(1.7) : post-residency
 week 13(8.7) : post-residency

proposed projects:

1:  development of performance piece using the mandala interactive program.  
the piece will  be approximately 20 minutes and suitable for inclusion into the
 "volt" festival of new performance in september as part of the 1996 brisbane
familiarising myself with software programs like "director" and "authorware"
 which i have not previously had access to.

2.  contact with undergraduate students of the academy through "meet the 
artist" sessions or private consultation.
to be organised by negotiation with key people in each department.
music: michael whelan and andrew brown.
drama: don batchelor and jamie mclean.
visual arts: ian hutson.
dance: shaaron boughen.

contact with postgraduate students of these four disciplines plus masters of 
creative writing and diploma of multimedia design students will be facilitated
 by meetings, addressing the research seminar, and personal negotiation with 
phillip nielson(crwr) and paul brown.

3.  researching the internet for other artists working in areas of moving text,
 animated text, performance of text, sound and text and on-line real-time 
audio and video performance of text.
making contact with these people and exchanging information/data.
getting together a web page which will contain links to all these people.
getting together with other undergraduates or post-graduates who would be
 interested enough to maintain the web page after the completion of the 

4.  community collaborations with artists like john reeves, who is organising 
an internet real-time performance with poets in the usa.
links with the queensland art gallery which has recently acquired a collection
 of lettrist concrete poetry and already owns an impressive collection of 
australian concrete, and which has also been impressed by the prospect of
 cyberpoetry as being the third wave of concrete.

wednesday, 17/4/96.

spoke to keith about mandala,
 took the manual to read.
met margaret turner, she showed me some html basics, how to view the 
script and how to check scripts when you've written them.
downloaded html basics from the net.
downloaded java information.
margaret has embedded video using html and has most experience with 
authoring for the web/net.
i said i have to investigate real-time on-line poetry performance,
 consequently i will need to investigate how it can be done and i believe java 
may be the right program to deliver this, although there are some netscape
 plug-ins which might do it.
met christine, eve cline, a masters of fine arts student in the lab.
attended the music performance by andrew brown and panos kouros.

thenextjournal page, 18/4/96

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